II. Part II: RSBAC manual pages

The second part of this book contain manual pages for the various RSBAC commands.

Table of Contents
4. RSBAC Manual pages
4.1. RSBAC manual pages
acl_mask -- View or set an object's mask for right inheritance
acl_rm_user -- remove all groups and memberships of a user
attr_back_fd -- Backup RSBAC attributes from filesystem objects
attr_back_user -- Backup RSBAC attributes for users
attr_get_fd -- fetch RSBAC attributes from files or directories
attr_get_file_dir -- fetch RSBAC attribute values for filesystem objects
attr_get_process -- get RSBAC attributes on the selected process
attr_get_up -- get RSBAC attributes on the selected user or process
attr_get_user -- get RSBAC attributes of the selected user
attr_rm_fd -- remove (reset into default values) all RSBAC attributes of file or directory
attr_rm_file_dir -- remove (reset into default values) all RSBAC attributes of file or directory. It is usually not necessary to run this utility, because attributes of deleted objects are automatically removed.
attr_rm_user -- remove all attributes of a user
attr_set_fd -- set RSBAC attributes on the selected file or directory
attr_set_process -- set RSBAC attributes on the selected process
attr_set_user -- set RSBAC attributes on the selected user
linux2acl -- convert linux groups and rights to RSBAC ACL groups and rights
net_temp -- work with network templates
pm_create -- create some files in a particular PM class
pm_ct_exec -- start program with some PM current task
rc_copy_role -- copy one RC role with all settings into another
rc_role_wrap -- execute some program with different RC role
rsbac_check -- trigger consistency checking
rsbac_jail -- put program into RSBAC jail
rsbac_stats -- write RSBAC status info into syslog
rsbac_write -- request the modified data structures to be written to disk
switch_adf_log -- switch general log subsystem settings
switch_module -- switch RSBAC module on/off or enable/disable global or individual module "soft mode"