Chapter 6. Introduction to The RSBAC documentation project

6.1. The RSBAC documentation project

The RSBAC documentation project was founded on June, 28th, 2002 by Amon Ott, Stanislav Ievlev and Henk Klöpping. The projects target is to deliver and maintain a set of (Open Sourced) manuals. The audience for the manuals are skilled Unix professionals or Unix power users. The manuals were targeted to enable the audience to install, configure and use Rule Set Based Access control (RSBAC). They provide general information about security, references to other works, and instructions to install, configure and use RSBAC.

This part of The RSBAC introduction contains information about the way our project is structured, and provides information on how to write and publish documentation. It also contains a section about the tools we used to prepare this book and how to install these. This section is only relevant for those that want to participate in our project. Section 6.4 contains useful information for people that want to convert the DocBook sources into other formats.